Acupuncture treatment

Fertility Acupuncture FAQs

Does acupuncture hurt?

The needles used are extremely thin and are inserted quite superficially. Most insertions are totally painless.
Sometimes, you might feel sensations such as tingling, slight swelling, or warmth; these are all signs that the needles are unblocking pathways. 

When to start getting acupuncture for IVF ?

Acupuncture for Retrieval Cycle: 2 to 3 months prior to cycle minimum

The three months window of pre-conception acupuncture is the minimum time recommended to all fertility patients, especially for cases of:

  • low ovarian reserve

  • advanced maternal age

  • poor egg or embryo quality

  • history of repeated failed cycles

  • history of repeated pregnancy loss


It takes 90-120 days for a follicle to mature into an egg, so we consider this "pre-mester" the minimum time to use acupuncture and herbal treatments, implement dietary & lifestyle changes to support your egg health.In more complex cases, it might even take longer. You can read more details here.

Frozen Embryo: 4 weeks prior to transfer

If you already have embryos and are scheduled for a frozen embryo cycle, we recommend 8-11 acupuncture treatments before your transfer. Then, you will also receive 2 treatments the day of transfer to optimize results.

Natural Cycle IVF or Mini-stim IVF: 4-12 weeks prior to the start of the cycle

We refer to these treatments as preconception acupuncture. The treatments are designed to improve blood flow, regulate hormones, and reduce stress in advance of your cycle. 

What about male fertility?

We absolutely recommend acupuncture for both partners. Acupuncture has been shown to

  • improve sperm count

  • improve motility and morphology

  • decrease DNA fragmentation

  • reduce oxydative stress


We like to see our male patients at least 1 month before an IVF or IUI cycle.

Can you help with miscarriages?

Yes. Chinese medicine & acupuncture can help accompany you through this traumatic experience. 

Recover after a miscarriage or termination

The process of recovery is in two steps (read more here)

  • First we make sure the uterus is clear,  and we help you detox medication and pregnancy hormones

  • Then, we replenish and re-tone the reproductive organs back to a healthier baseline

  • We take care of emotional balance all throughout the healing process

Repeated pregnancy loss

In our integrative practice, we like to go to the root of things. If you have experienced more than 2 miscarriages, we will 

recommend some labs and testing. Often times, hormonal imbalances and embryo quality are responsible, and realigning the body can take a few months.

Can my insurance cover acupuncture?

Taproot is  working with all major PPO providers in California, such as Cigna, Aetna, Blue Shield, Blue Cross etc.

Most insurance companies do offer acupuncture packages. You can check directly here. Enter your info and we will get back to within a few business days with your answers!