Doctor Sarah Bentolila in the consultation room

Our services & fees

Initial: 90 min, $150

This is first time you come in only, unless it is for an acute injury. The treatment includes a long detailed face to face intake and examination followed by a thorough treatment.

Follow-up: 60 min, $80

Every time after your first time, or if you come for an acute injury. 

Acupuncture classic

Acupuncture patient with needles
Hand holding an acupuncture needle

Acupuncture quickies

Immune booster: 30 min, $40

A 30 minute Quickie that improves your body's own healing power. Let the few needles work for you to increase your natural defenses and energy levels. Just rest and enjoy a dim sunrise light, our blend of anti-viral essential oils and quiet music.

Destress Acu-nap: 30 min, $40

A 30 minute Quickie for relaxing and rebooting the nervous system. Less than 10 needles to regulate stress levels, step away from "fight or flight mode" and activate the para-sympathetic nervous system or "rest and digest mode". Snooze while listening to nature sounds and wind chimes in a soft blue light.

Cupping & Massage

Cupping: 30 min, $40

During a cupping session you will  receive a deep tissue release with a sliding-cup massage, and then rest with the cups on your skin for 10 minutes under a heating infra-red lamp. Learn more about cupping here.

Cupping and Hypervolt Percussion massage: 30 min, $40

Incredible tool for recovery, the Hypervolt massage tool is a high intensity percussion device. It reduces soreness, improves circulation and relaxes muscles. 

Doctor Sarah Bentolila doing cupping on a patient

Herbal Consultation

Chinese herbs in jars

In person or by phone herbal consult: 30 min, $40

For your take home needs of customized herbal formulas and dietary supplements. You will either receive a blend of powdered herbs from our own pharmacy or a prescription for a nearby store.