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Holistic skincare 101: why & how to use Jade Rollers.

jade roller

You have probably heard about this "new" hype appropriated by the West by now: Jade rolling is all over the internet and women's magazines. It is nothing new to Chinese medicine, however. As you can guess, jade has been used in healthcare for thousands of years The first usage dates back to the neolithic period, when Jade was considered to be far more precious than gold.

Before they were forged of metal, the very first primitive acupuncture needles were made of bones and Jade, and the precious stone was also caved into massage tools called Gua Sha (more on that in another article).

Now, don't believe everything you read on the internet, jade rolling will not clear your acne miraculously in two weeks or make you look 20 years younger. However, regular use does have major benefits for the skin.

What is it good for?

  • Helps release tension in all facial muscles

  • A light touch will give you a soft lymphatic drainage

  • Decreases puffiness and dark circles under the eyes

  • Evens out the skin tone and complexion

  • Tightens pores and detoxifies the skin

What stone to use?

The most commonly found options are Jade and rose quartz.

Jade - 玉

"The Chinese character for jade translates to “conquering the Earth,” meaning to be comfortable with the Earth. The character contains the radical for king. A true king governs the realm and its people with respect, graciousness, compassion, loyalty, and kinship. If humans are comfortable with the Earth and behave as a king to the realm, the Earth will reward us with jade." [1]

jade rollers made of jade

  • moistening and warm

  • adresses the sinews

  • removes lingering energy

  • detoxifying

  • preferred for contouring

For a cool infographic about this precious stone, click here.

Rose Quartz . 粉晶

While rose quartz is not mentioned as much in ancient Chinese texts, Ancient Egyptians did believe that the pink crystal had anti-ageing properties. It was thought that Goddess Isis herself would use rose quartz to maintain youth and beauty.

Rose quartz can include aluminum, iron, and possible traces of many other minerals, including titanium and manganese.

jade rollers made of pink quartz
  • moves the Blood by invigorating Qi.

  • cooling

  • tough, durable stone, it helps us open our hearts to be softer and gentler and still be strong on the outside [1]

  • Absorbs Heat. Indicated for: – swollen or inflamed eyes – congested sinuses

  • for reactive skin prone to redness and inflammation, or conditions like rosacea

Rose quartz will stay cooler, whereas jade tends to warm faster with skin contact

The importance of ritual and self care

Even more than the physical benefits, it is the connection to self care that I love about jade rolling. In Chinese medicine, body, mind and soul are inseparable. Taking care of your body 身 will heal your spirit 神, and vice versa.

woman rolling her cheek with a roller

By choosing a stone that appeals to you, that you feel drawn to, you are more likely to use it on your face. And by reestablishing this connection of self care and self love, possibly on a daily basis, you create the neural network for healing on a deeper level. There nothing mundane or vain about honoring yourself, and taking a few minutes out of your day to feel embodied, connected and beautiful. In fact, it can be quite a revolutionary act.

Jade rolling allows you to trigger a relaxation response throughout the whole body, especially when done properly with an extremely light touch.

When I teach a yoga class, I often cue my students to relax the point between the eyebrows, the temples and the jaw. Then I observe a domino effect in the whole posture, as if those previously unidentified tensed zones had open gates in the whole body. It is the same idea with a jade roller. By giving yourself a gentle physical cue to relax the muscles of your face and neck, you will allow the brain to understand it is ok to feel safe and relaxed, and the benefits will ripple deeper than you think.

How to use your jade roller :

  • Keep a gentle touch throughout. I like to keep the tool in the fridge for extra cooling and tightening effect

  • Always start by opening the lymphatic passageway and roll down the neck line on each side a few times. All the other motions go up for a lifting effect

  • After the neck proceed in this order: jaw line, cheek bones, under and over the eyes, then forehead.

  • You can use your roller on your bare skin, or after you apply your favorite lotion, oil or serum. You can even use your roller over a sheet mask.

  • When done, rinse your tool with warm water and soap, and let air dry.



Franks, Leslie J.. Stone Medicine: A Chinese Medical Guide to Healing with Gems and Minerals


disclaimer: content on this blog is not intended to replace diagnostic nor treatment from an MD. It is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. As a Chinese Medicine practitioner and Yoga teacher, I analyse syndromes and patterns but does not diagnose illness.  Always consult your primary care doctor for health concerns.


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