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What people say

Cecelia F.

" I received treatment from Sarah  who is a deeply knowledgable and intuitive practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She knows how to really listen and ask the questions that get to the heart of her patients' needs.


She has developed a facial treatment that eases the tension in the brow line and softens the facial expression. It really is cutting edge treatment.

After my treatment, I felt restored and my body was vibrating with energy. Thank you Sarah!"

Michael K.

"In one needling and cupping session, Sarah was able to accomplish what 7 months of a litany of other treatments couldn't do.  The pain relief was immediate and I felt limber and loose again. 

I hate using the word "healer" because I feel it's overused.
But honestly, there is no other word that works, Sarah is a healer, f
rom her care and attention to her expertise and ability to explain Eastern Medicine casually.


Do something good for you, go see Sarah.

Brian T.

 "I am a stubborn man who doesn't work on stretching and mobility despite enjoying lifting weights.  While out at a retreat with Sarah, my body was sore and stiff and in need of immediate relief.  


 As Sarah is an athlete herself, it was easy to talk with her about specific areas of pain that are unique to people who do high intensity sports.  After a few treatments with Sarah along with some stern words, she had me mobile and relaxed.  

Seeing Sarah will be the best thing you do for your body! "

Adri W.

Great experience with Sarah. I play a contact sport that puts a lot of stress on my body and screws with my alignment (banked roller derby). As a result, I've struggled with intermittent and chronic pain in my lower body for years.


After my last acupuncture / moxa / cupping session with Sarah, the pain in my knee & IT band just melted away and hasn't returned after months! At the same time, Sarah was very helpful in counseling me about self-care I can do to prevent the pain from recurring.


She's kind, professional, and knowledgeable. Can't recommend her enough!

Vivian N.

Sarah introduced me to facial acupuncture a few months before my wedding day. With all the stress and craziness of wedding planning, I was in need of something to improve my skin's overall health, specifically my face!

I've never had any experience with acupuncture but I felt completely safe in Sarah's hands. She is knowledgeable, professional and explained every step one needle at a time. After just one treatment, there was a notable difference in my skin's complexion and my facial muscles were so relaxed. What's even better is the reduction in wrinkles! If you're looking to improve your overall health, go see Sarah!

Daniele P.

I've worked with Sarah over the years for a variety of reasons--acne, weight/weight loss, anxiety, yoga--you name it, she knows it.


She's extremely knowledgeable and empathetic at the same time. An important combination in her field.


Not only that, but she is a wonderfully kind, open, compassionate, and caring individual truly dedicated to her craft, which is ultimately, helping others.

Please visit this beautiful location and take care of yourself!

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