Doctor Sarah welcomes you to taproot acupuncture & herbs

Integrative Care for Pain, Fertility & Women's health

It's in our name: we like to go to the root

This is why your practitioner was trained for many years in China, the birthplace of acupuncture.

Our goal is to guide you through your holistic journey to health, by understanding the root cause of your concern and allowing you to tap into all the avenues of healing. Our clinic is known for its calm and clean atmosphere, and for a painless, effective, and compassionate care. We aim to make you feel at ease and relaxed throughout your visit

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  • pain management

  • emotional wellbeing

  • digestive health

  • eye health

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  • fertility

  • egg quality

  • embryo transfer

  • male fertility

  • IVF & IUI support

  • pregnancy loss

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Reproductive health

  • harmonizing cycles

  • menopause 

  • libido

  • sexual health

  • erectile dysfunction

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Pregnancy  postpartum

  • pregnancy sciatica

  • morning sickness

  • labor induction

  • c-section recovery

  • breech baby

  • postpartum depression

Why fertility acupuncture?

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It is natural and holistic

Acupuncture works by regulating the circulatory, endocrine, digestive, immune, and nervous systems as the needles reduce local inflammation and increase local blood flow. 

Getting acupuncture is like fine-tuning your body's own resources and optimizing them for healing.

Because acupuncture considers the body as a whole instead of looking at isolated parts, it is useful for the treatment of many health concerns.

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It is safe and feels good

Our style of acupuncture is generally painless and most people even report that it feels really relaxing. 

Acupuncture is one of the safest modalities of treatment, with little to no side-effects.

We use hair-thin, sterile, disposable (single-use) needles that are placed in specific points on your body.  Most patients fall asleep.

Acupuncture is safe throughout pregnancy.

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It is effective

3000 years of empirical experience are now being backed by modern science.

Countless studies have proven acupuncture to be effective for a wide range of health conditions, and helps many women get pregnant.

The World Health Organization (WHO),  MDAnderson, Mayo Clinic, and many other major institutions now endorse acupuncture's efficacy.

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