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Acupuncture for IVF

The evidence is clear: acupuncture can improve IVF success significantly. It can also help you better handle the emotional roller coaster and the side effects caused by the medications.

At taproot, we have helped many couples through various stages of IVF, from preparation, retrieval rounds and embryo transfers.

Our fertility protocol is most effective with a minimum of 3 months of treatment before your procedure, although we can jump in to help at any part of your journey.

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Before you start: setting the stage

The best time to start Acupuncture is 3 months prior to an IVF. During this time, regular acupuncture & herbs will allow your whole body to reach a healthier baseline to increase your chances. We will also offer lifestyle, supplements & nutrition insights.

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Benefits of getting acupuncture & herbs weekly before IVF:

-regularized cycles

-improved uterine lining

-improved egg quality

-lowered stress level

-weight management

preconception acupuncture

Egg retrieval

Acupuncture prior to a retrieval cycle can help in the following ways:

-improve your egg quality

-improve your response in case of low ovarian reserve

-offset the side effects of the stimulant medications

-help with ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome (OHSS)

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Embryo transfer

Studies have showed that getting acupuncture on the day of your transfer, directly before and directly after, can improve pregnancy rates by 65%. 

However, the live birth rate is even better if you have been coming for a while before you started the IVF process.

You will receive 2 treatments on the day of your transfer.. We recommend weekly sessions until the pregnancy test result and throughout. pregnancy too!

acupuncture for embryo transfer
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