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Taproot acupuncture & herbs works in

out-of-network partnership with most major

PPO providers in California, including:

Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield

You can check your coverage for free here:

Click on the link below, enter your information and we will get back to you within a couple of days

Image by Vlad Deep

how it works

1. Check your coverage with us. We will let you know if you are covered for acupuncture, what your out-of-network yearly deductible is, how much has been met for the current year, & how many sessions are covered a year

2.When you come in, you will be asked to pay the out-of-pocket price. We send all the paperwork to your insurance company, so you do not have to deal with anything.

3. Once your deductible has been met and your insurance provider starts paying us back, you will be reimbursed all the covered portion. We do it this way because each policy is different and there is no way of anticipating how much we will get back for you.

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