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Acupuncture specialties

Services & Fees


New Patient: 90 min, $168

Follow-up: 60 min, $90

IVF transfer (2 sessions): $240

Functional Medicine

1. First consult: 30 min, $150

2. Labs: varies as prescribed

3. Analysis & Prescription: 30 min, $150

Functional medicine: what is it?

a patient getting acupuncture for pain management, two gloved hands holding acupuncture needles
woman looking at a pregnancy test, acupuncture for fertility Pasadena



trying naturally


low egg reserve

poor egg quality

pregnancy loss

thin lining

low sperm count

a woman holding white flowers near her breast, acupuncture for women's health Pasadena



irregular periods

PMS, hormonal acne

PCOS, endometriosis

uterine health


hot flashes

chronic UTIs

breast health

a pregnant woman holding her stomach, acupuncture for pregnancy Pasadena

Pregnancy & Postpartum

morning sickness

low back pain

labor preparation

breech baby

C-section recovery

milk production

postpartum depression

a woman holding her wrist, acupuncture pain management Pasadena

Pain &

general health

sports injuries

sprains, arthritis

neck & back pain

sciatica, neuropathy

TMJ, migraines

stress & anxiety

IBS, constipation

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