Acupuncture for
women's health
Balancing hormones naturally

For thousands of years Chinese Medicine & acupuncture have been used to enhance wellness, improve sexual balance, appease menstrual cycles, & regulate hormones throughout all life's transitions. 

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Balancing hormones
& regulating cycles

  • irregular cycles

  • painful periods

  • amenorrhea

  • PCOS

  • endometriosis

  • PMS

  • bloating

  • hormonal migraines

  • estrogen dominance

  • hypothyroid & Hashimoto's

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& menopause

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& Pelvic health

  • low libido

  • pelvic pain

  • vulvodynia & vaginal pain

  • painful breasts

  • chronic UTI

  • yeast infections


No matter where you are in your hormonal health journey , if you need support, we can help.

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In addition to our own team of fertility & women's health acupuncturists, we are well-connected within the Los Angeles Pasadena area community to help you find the right integrative and holistic care for you.


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