Acupuncture for IUI

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Before you start: setting the stage

The best time to start Acupuncture is 3 months prior to an IUI. During this time, regular acupuncture & herbs will allow your whole body to reach a healthier baseline to increase your chances. We will also offer lifestyle, supplements & nutrition insights.

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If you are above 40 or suffer from conditions like PCOS, amenorrhea, thyroid imbalance or endometriosis, we might need more time.

Benefits of getting acupuncture & herbs weekly before IUI:

-regularized cycles

-improved uterine lining

-improved egg quality

-lowered stress level

-weight management

Woman Holding Flower
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osmanthus tea - 2021-10-05T102655.435.png

Treatment protocol

We recommend 3 months of acupuncture once a week (once every other week minimum) with supplements & a personalized Chinese herb formula.

We encourage lifestyle changes and healthy nutrition habits so you can be the healthiest possible before the attempt.

We like to see both partners, especially 1 month before the IUI.

It usually takes 4-6 cycles of IUI to achieve pregnancy (read more here)