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Marc Ryan

Marc Ryan, L.Ac., is a graduate of Cornell University and a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in California. He is highly regarded for his 

expertise in functional medicine and his dedication to helping individuals achieve 

optimal health.


For over a decade, Marc has specialized in working with patients who have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, and various other complex conditions. He has also published two books with Hay House that detail his experience and this philosophy of care.


We invite you to embark on this enhanced healthcare journey with us, where your treatment is as unique as you are, backed by modern science and ancient wisdom for a holistic, balanced, and effective approach to your well-being.

In his free time, Marc enjoys gardening and flower arrangements.

Marc Ryan.jpeg

Marc Ryan, L.Ac

  • Hormonal Health expert, with 2 published books about Hashimoto's 

  • Graduated from medical school at Cornell University

  • 30 years of experience

  • Expert in functional medicine

Acupuncturist, Functional Medicine practitionner

hormonal balance, Thyroid & Hashimoto's expert

Fertility, Women's health

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