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Alex's success story with acupuncture for Retinitis Pigmentosa

ocular acupuncture

Recently, I had the honor to receive Alex as a patient for ophthalmology acupuncture.

Alex came to me ta address his Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP for short), a genetic degenerative eye disease for which Western medicine has no treatment. Learn more about RP here.

He was complaining of the typical signs of RP, which include tunnel vision, poor dark adaptation and poor color perception.

patient receiving acupuncture for retinitis pigmentosa

His treatment plan was the typical 10-day treatment protocol: for 2 weeks, he came twice a day for an hour session of acupuncture, electro-stimulation and orbital micro-current stimulation. He was also prescribed herbs and supplements to take at home. Needles were painlessly placed in his feet, hands, body and around the eyes.

After just 3 days, Alex was able to read his phone screen in full sunlight. After two weeks, Alex was able to see better at night and in dark rooms, he was able to look at his phone screen in full daylight .

He gained 2 lines on the Snellen eye chart test in both eyes (his vision got clearer). A month after his treatment, he says his vision continues to get better.

I am able to see the color yellow, which I have not seen in 15 years. My central vision is more clear and my peripheral vision is better too.

Here is what he has to say.


* Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. The content of this website is intended for information purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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