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Spring into Health with Chinese Medicine

Chinese New Year happened earlier in February. The Chinese name 春节 actually translates as Spring Festival !

This date marks the beginning of the year according to the lunar calendar.

So energetically, it is time to switch some lifestyle habits to live in harmony with this new season.

The Energetics of Spring

ORGAN: Liver & Gall Bladder


COLOR: Green


ENERGY: Expansion and growth



Put some spring into your step !

Come out of hibernation

After the months of hibernation and conservation of the winter, it is time to start moving again.

The energy of spring is expansion and growth (think new buds, new branches on the tress, new flowers sprouting), so let we should allow and help the Qi of our liver to expand and flow freely.

The liver governs tendons: stretch !

According to Chinese medicine, the liver is in charge of our tendons and ligaments, & stores blood. When we rest, the liver stores blood, and when we are active, it releases it to the tendons, to maintain tendon health and flexibility.

Incorporate a morning stretch or gentle yoga into your routine.

You can insist on stretching your side waist, where the gall-bladder meridian runs.

Protect yourself from wind

Spring weather is often unpredictable and windy. As the temperatures rise, nights may still remain cool.

In Chinese medicine, the Liver channel is more susceptible to the element of wind. The nape of the neck is particularly vulnerable to wind and drafts (it is actually referred to as the windgate!). So layer up and don’t forget your scarf!

Get a lymphatic drainage massage

To help your liver in its detox function, consider getting a lymphatic drainage massage. You can book with us!

What to eat to support the liver?

Herbs from the garden

Chose pungent and sweet herbs such as

  • rosemary

  • fennel

  • caraway

  • oregano

  • dill

Qi moving teas

In Spring, as temperatures slowly rise, swap out your Chai and black tea from the winter, but hold off on teas that are too cooling like green tea until the temperatures heat up at night. Favor light and floral teas to be in harmony with spring:

  • white teas (contains caffeine)

  • white peony

  • rose buds

  • cherry blossom tea

  • milk thistle may support a healthy liver function.


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