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3 Chinese medicine inspired drinks for the summer

In the 5-element theory, Summer, is the season of the Heart which belongs to Fire element and the color red. It is the utmost Yang (hot) energy, therefore we must control the heat and bolster the Yin to maintain balance.

In order to live harmoniously with the energy of Summer season, we want to support our heart with red colored foods, support the yin and clear heat, and tend to our Shen (spirit) which resides in the Heart.

Here are 3 caffeine-free, vegan, and dairy free drinks for a healthy summer.

Chrysanthemum & Goji berries herbal tea

chrysanthemum and goji berries tea

Chrysanthemum 菊花

This flower resembles chamomile in look and in properties:

Goji berries 枸杞子

Packing up a punch of Vitamin C, they are also considered a treasured tonic for women.

These are 2 of the main herbs in a famous formula used to treat eye disorders such as dry eyes or red and itchy eyes. It is a year round herbal tea for computer eye strain!

Watermelon & Ginger juice


Watermelon is a very cold natured fruit, mostly made of water.

Ginger is a balancing warming spice. Using it will prevent digestive damage from the cold watermelon.

Together they are the perfect balance of yin and yang for a hot summer.

Simply blend or juice watermelon with a tiny head of ginger (a little goes a long way) and enjoy!

Mung bean & Lilly bulb sweet porridge

mung bean porridge

Mung bean 绿豆

It is the champion of heat clearing grains.

Lilly bulb 百合

It is a Yin tonic, said to calm the mind. You can find it in Asian supermarkets.

Cook the beans with equal parts water in the instant-pot on the "porridge" setting, together with the lilly bulb. Add rock sugar to taste. Feel free to blend the soup, add more water if you like it more liquid, or even chill it in the fridge and drink cool!

Remember, try to avoid ice-cold beverages !


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