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Chinese Medicine health tips for Winter

"The three months of winter are called closing and storing.Water freezes, earth cracks.

Do not disturb the yang at all.

Early to bed, late to rise.

(One) must await the daylight.

Make that which is of the heart/mind as though hidden, as though concealed,  as though (one) has a secret intention, already obtained.

Leave the cold, seek warmth.

Do not leak the skin (sweat).  Urgently hold onto the Qi.

This is the winter compliance of chi and the cultivation of the Dao of storage. To oppose these principles injures the kidneys." —Huang Di Nei Jing, Chapter 2

Winter: The Water element season - 水

woman meditating in the snow

  • Winter: Water movement

  • Yin organs: Kidneys and adrenals

  • Yang organ: Urinary Bladder

  • color: black

  • flavor: salty

  • climate: cold

  • emotion: fear

  • Sensory organ: ears

  • Tissue: hair and teeth

Eating wisely for winter

What to eat

  • Black colored foods: black sesame, black beans, wood-ear mushrooms, black olives

  • Warming meats: lamb, beef, chicken, turkey and trout.

  • Seaweed is salty in nature and strengthens the kidneys

  • Warming spices: black pepper, Sichuan pepper, ginger

  • include a little bit of yin nourishing Radish to protect the Yin within the Yang

How to eat

  • If you are reducing your activity, reduce your food intake

  • To combat the cold, eat warm meals and avoid raw foods

  • Eat slow burning foods, such as whole-grains, root vegetables, beans, and nuts.

  • Eat in a quiet environment

Lifestyle for winter

  • Winter is the season to Hibernate! Go to bed early and wake up later.

  • Favor meditation and introspection, and restorative yoga practices.

  • Reduce exercise intensity and avoid sweating too much

  • Keep your joints covered and warm

And don't forget, talk to your acupuncturist !


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