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Women's health acupuncture: what we can do for each stage of a woman's life

As a fertility and women's health specialist, I help countless women of all ages through many stages of life for which standard medicine has little to offer.

Here's the top concerns for which acupuncture & herbs show wonderful results:

Acupuncture for Balancing Periods & Cycles

When it comes to irregular, missed or painful cycles, Western medicine is quick to prescribing the contraceptive pill. For many, the side effects far surpass the benefits, and the symptoms come back with a vengeance as soon as they stop.

Chinese medicine addresses the root cause of the imbalance to slowly but surely promote peaceful cycles each month. We will get into the details of your flow !

Acupuncture for Improving Fertility

Acupuncture is a wonderful tool whether you are trying to conceive naturally or via assisted reproductive technology (ART) like IVF. We have helped many women get pregnant and maintain healthy pregnancies !


- anovulation

- low ovarian reserve

- male infertility (low sperm count, low motility, abnormal morphology)


IVF/IUI support

- fresh or frozen transfer preparation

Easing Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

Acupuncture has been proven to be safe to use throughout pregnancy, all the way up to delivery and of course, for postpartum recovery. Click on any of the links below to learn more about what we do for expectant and new mothers.




Acupuncture for Peri-menopause & menopause

Menopause is NOT a disease, but rather a natural step in a woman's life. The transition can be a little chaotic as hormones change.

There again, rather than using hormone replacement therapy and risking dangerous side effects, many taproot patients chose to go the holistic route and report improvements in all of the following conditions:

No matter where you are in your

woman's health, fertility, pregnancy & mothering journey,

if you need support, we can help.

In addition to our own team of fertility & women's health acupuncturists, we are well-connected within the Los Angeles- Pasadena area community to help you find the right integrative and holistic care for you.

On our website, you can learn more about our services, and book an appointment.

If you have more questions please call our front desk, at 626-841-2991, or email us.


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