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Surrogacy journeys should include fertility acupuncture: here's why

Each journey to parenthood is unique, and some include the need for a surrogate.

From time to time, intended parents ask surrogates to consider acupuncture as part of their transfer process. At taproot, we have helped many surrogate moms throughout their pregnancies.

Acupuncture is indeed proven to increase chances of success in the IVF cycle, and also to promote a healthy pregnancy.

Benefits of acupuncture for surrogate mamas

First of all, acupuncture doesn’t hurt.

We know that surrogates more than likely spend their first trimester injecting progesterone into their backside, so the idea of more needles can be off-putting. The needles used in acupuncture are hair-thin. Just as there are risks with any kind of treatment, there are minimal risks associated with acupuncture therapy.

Increases success in IVF

Acupuncture has been shown to increase blood flow to various body parts, including to the uterus. This supports the body in allowing for a healthy lining in the uterus, prior to embryo transfer.

Releases feel-good chemicals & balances hormones

Treatments have been successful in treating pain by stimulating beta-endorphins within the body. Beta-endorphins, in turn, help impact hormones in the reproductive system, including FSH, LH, and hCG – hormones that aid in ovulation and fertility.

Provides stress relief

Reduction in stress is another benefit of acupuncture therapy. Stress hormones have the ability to wreak havoc on the body and menstrual cycle, and the stress levels surrounding fertility concerns can be comparable to those of a grave diagnosis. Emotional care should be a main focus throughout the process.

Benefits moms throughout pregnancy

Therapy can provide many benefits even after conception, including increased blood flow as previously mentioned, de-stressing and invigorating the uterus, and boosting many body systems. All these factors assist in supporting and sustaining a pregnancy and decreases chances of a miscarriage.

No matter where you are in your

woman's health, fertility, pregnancy & mothering journey,

if you need support, we can help.

In addition to our own team of fertility & women's health acupuncturists, we are well-connected within the Los Angeles- Pasadena area community to help you find the right integrative and holistic care for you.

On our website, you can learn more about our services, and book an appointment.

If you have more questions please call our front desk, at 626-841-2991, or email us.


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